Sunday, 8 June 2014

3 Life Lessons Learned From Pokemon Red

I spent a ridiculous amount of time playing Pokemon Red as a child. It was the only game I ever owned for Gameboy. That wasn't because I couldn't get more games, it was because I ALREADY HAD POKEMON RED. Why waste time on an inferior game when I could just make the journey from Pallet Town to the Elite Four another dozen times?

While thinking about mindset that was needed to excel at the game, I noticed that there are some similarities to the mindset that I'm using to attack life right now.

Work Hard Now, Thank Yourself Later

I tried to make sure that the only trainer battle where there was ever any doubt that I'd win would the first one against Gary. After that, I wanted every battle to be dominated by my lineup, which meant hours and hours spent in the tall grass. Delayed gratification is crucial.


Moves that are super effective against some opponents are useless against a lot of others. Nintendo had me constantly adjusting to the situation. If I didn't adapt, I'd end up paying for it.

Aim High

Before you have a chance to catch your first Pidgey or Rattata, your goal is to be the very best (like no one ever was). These days, I don't take on challenges hoping to just be pretty good, I'm always chasing perfection. That means I'll never create something that I'll be completely satisfied with, but it also means that I'll never get complacent. I'll be focused on improving forever.

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