Sunday, 1 June 2014

Everyone Should Become An Artist

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Society tends to push people towards being like everyone else. From a young age most of us are taught to fall in line by authority figures and by our peers. You get reprimanded or ridiculed for straying too far away from the mean. Art is one of the few pursuits in life that allows you to do whatever you want to do and, no matter what decisions you make, you're never doing it wrong. There are specific techniques and conventions that can be adhered to in order to accomplish specific goals, but the great thing about art is that goals aren't necessary. It can just be pure expression. Every rule about how things should be done within any artform is merely a suggestion. You can get as weird as you want to be, and that freedom provides an environment where individuality can thrive.

When I say that everyone should become an artist, it's not really about becoming a great painter, musician, or author, it's about embracing individuality and realizing that it's ok to be different. I think that it's hard to find true happiness if our true selves are constantly being suppressed by arbitrary social norms.

Art is freedom.
Freedom is happiness.

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