Monday, 2 June 2014

My Experience In The Movie Business

I had no idea how insanely competitive composing for movies was until pretty recently. I've been trying to break into the field, but it's tough. Even student films with tiny budgets have composers swarming, and I haven't figured out how to set myself apart from the crowd yet. Given how hard it is to find work in movies, it's kinda crazy that my one and only job in film industry was on a pretty big project, and it happened when I wasn't even interested in composing.

Somebody at a German film music company heard my first Super Mario Bros remix and thought it would be a good fit for a feature film that they were working on called Türkisch für Anfänger (Turkish for Beginners), so they contacted me. I had to replace all of the samples with synths so we wouldn't get in trouble with Nintendo, the director was REALLY particular about the sound he wanted, and they only used a few seconds of my song, but it was still a very positive experience. I had no idea how popular the movie was going to be, so it was awesome to find out that it actually made it to number 1 at the German box office for a week. I really want to build on that experience now and get a bigger role in composing music for a movie.

If any major film companies are reading this, give Hans Zimmer and John Williams some time off. I can handle your next project for cheap.

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