Thursday, 5 June 2014

My First Guitar Hero

Limp Bizkit was my favourite band for a long time and Wes Borland was the first guitarist that I ever really idolized. Yeah, my first idol wasn't Hendrix, Van Halen, or Jimmy Page, it was the dude from Limp Bizkit. I can feel the disapproval emanating from most of the guitarists that are reading this, but it's the truth!

He was really good at creating a weird atmosphere. Some of that had to do with his playing, but most of it came from his stage persona. He always had his face painted, he wore creepy coloured contact lenses, and he moved like he was out of his mind. It was as if he had just stepped out of a Tim Burton movie, and I thought that was beyond cool.


My Way


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  1. my first guitar hero was Brad Delson from linkin park.