Sunday, 22 June 2014

Why Am I So Interested In 1980s Miami?

My list of cities that I really want to visit is pretty generic. Tokyo, Paris, London, and Rio de Janeiro are my destinations of choice. I never thought that a North American city would catch my attention, but now I'm realizing there's something about Miami. Especially the 1980s version of the city.

As I was working on a Miami in the 80s-style song this week, I realized that a lot of my favourite games, movies, and TV shows over the years have been set in that city. The first ones that come to mind are:

CSI: Miami
Hotline Miami
GTA: Vice City
Miami Vice (2006 movie)

I started trying to figure out why I find Miami so intriguing, and I think it's the combination of the city's beautiful exterior and the darkness that hides just below the surface. That can be said about most big cities, but Miami's portrayal seems to take things to extremes. The weather, beaches, palm trees, night clubs, etc... all paint the picture of an incredibly fun place to be. This makes the city's underworld seem particularly heinous due to the stark contrast.

I think the 80s portrayal of Miami takes the contrast to another level. The fun side of Miami comes across as even less harmless (probably due to the pervasive use of neon pink and the synth heavy dance music), while the underbelly remains just as dark.

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